Colloidal gold (carrier)
Peptide based on TGFß
Synthesis of collagen, elastin and production of other ECM proteins
Technology benefits
Higher peptide concentration
Improved stability and solubility
Improved bioavailability

An innovative technology based on gold nanoparticles

Nanoparticles of precious metal promote the bioavailability and stability of biomimetic peptides.
Gold has been used in rejuvenating skin treatments since antiquity, and has always been considered a luxurious beauty secret. Nahida’s innovative technology protects peptides against degradation, prolonging release into the skin for up to 90 times longer than free peptides. This allows active ingredients to keep working longer, stimulating collagen production to reduce the signs of ageing.
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Features of Nahida technology

Reduces wrinkles by up to 55%*

Restores the skin’s elasticity and hydration

60% of peptides are still bioavailable 24 hours later**

Stimulates synthesis of collagen and of the extracellular matrix (ECM)***

*        In vivo test on 15 volunteers
**      Comparative in vitro test
***    Test on human fibroblasts incubated for 48 h

of wrinkles
up to


in 4 weeks

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Protocol study:

15 Panellists (Healthy females)
Age: 35-60 years old

28 days applying cream twice daily

Stereoscopic microscope


Beauty treatment

Nahida is a luxurious exclusive beauty treatment created to make the most of every woman’s unique beauty.
It is based on an innovative technology employing gold nanoparticles that wrap around the best anti-age peptides, prolonging their rejuvenating action for up to 24 hours. Nahida revitalizing serum, eye contour cream and rejuvenating cream re-establish the balance of the epidermis, restoring the skin to its youthful splendour.
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